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Yoga is intimate, close and personal


We believe in supplying high quality products that last for a long time and that you truly love. We believe in having close relationship with a limited number of suppliers and a small company we can contribute by making the right choices in terms of purchasing and chosing which companies supply us. 

We help you choose the right equipment in alignment with your personal preferences as well as what is sustainable both in social and planetary terms. 

Most importantly we supply products that help you to stay present and presence is the most important thing to be in this world today. We want you to see your Yogiraj mat as a serene space you return to when the world around you is moving to fast or in the wrong direction. 

Yoga and mediation are about presence and awareness about one’s self. It is so much more than the perfect warrior 2. It is about seeing the beauty where you are, that is why we also see beauty as important when we design our products. Life is full of beauty and it is not somewhere else, in a retreat far away but where you are right now. 


Sustainability values at Yogiraj


According to the 1987 Brundtland Commission it reads: Sustainable development is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

At Yogiraj we understand and respect this definition and we also understand that every single thing produced has some sort of impact, some sort of footprint. We strive to offer you the best possible products while still respecting and continuously improving the way we produce, transport and make use of our the Yogiraj producers. 

Supply chain 

We believe in having limited number of suppliers that we know and trust. By limiting the number of steps in our value chain we can control it and supply our customers with a high-quality product to a good price. Yogiraj personel has been conducted on site visits at all production sites to create these bonds of trust and ensure the level of transparency and governance. We are proud to have longterm cooperations with a few vendors that we trust. Yogiraj is designed and developed in Sweden, by yogis for yogis, and manufactured in Europe and Asia. 


Yogiraj products are always free from toxin and we monitor levels for toxin closely and constantly. Yogiraj products are manufactured in accordance to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) REACH or Oeko-Tex standard 100. We do not always hold the certificate on the product, and that is frankly a matter of economics, we would much rather improve the actual quality and level of sustainability over holding the certificate and in some cases we have made the choice to not use the official certificate. To us, it is most important to value and follow the process and guidelines. We reguarly have independent test instititute SGS testing our products and our suppliers hold the certificates in most cases. 


The carbon footprint of the transportation is very limited compared to production but that does not mean we don’t find it important. We ship all products from the production facilities to our distribution center with boat or by train, and we then use wellknown certified transportation services to you as a customer. We also try to present the product in a way that makes you as a customer sure of what you get in order to limit returns. We ask you only to buy the products you intend to keep, not more. Also to give your mats and props a little patience and time to break in a mat, before returning, to save the environment. 


The way we see it, the best possible way to ensure that we are sustainable together is by producing products that you love and take care of. When focusing on sustainability we have to look at the whole life cycle of the product and if a product is used for five years instead of two we have done a good job. We are always smiling when we see our products featured with our old logo, some five years ago, that is sustainability to us. 


Say hello to Swedish "Sustainability guru" 

To ensure the quality of our sustainability work at Yogiraj we have teamed up with sustainability guru Axel Boethius. Axel has a long career in recycling, sustainability in Sweden and internationally and is currently inolved as consultant in these questions to many big cooperations. He is is also a Yogi and a Breathwork facilitator, obviously the perfect guy to help us on our journey. We asked Axel to share his thoughts on some general questions in our daily life. 


So, how can I become more "sustainable"? 

- Be conscious about your consumption patterns. Ask yourself; why do you buy the things you buy? Is it to expand as a person or is it to get a short lived gratification in your system, if it is the earlier go ahead, if it is the latter, think again. I don’t believe passion is the reason for the planetary issues we face today, but rather the lack of passion. 

So, how do I shop?

- Buy things you love, ask yourself the question why do I want this and how will this enrich my life in long term, if you hesitate on the answer, maybe you should meditate on it a little bit longer. 

What is the most important thing to consider when it comes to sustainability? 

- It is a complex issue and I find I find it counterproductive to simplify. There are several different questions that I take into account. I start with myself. Is this good for me? If we use a mat from Yogiraj we have toxin free as a good start. Then, how was it produced? This spans from everything from working conditions to use of material so I gather information and shop from brands I trust. Then the environment, I try to choose bio based over fossil-based material and I choose high quality products that last. These are of course all intertwined.

Any other advice for people interested in this? 

- Gather the information, nudge with your wallet and choose only to buy things you love. If we would all abide by those "rules" we would relieve this world from a lot of pressure. And breathe, don’t forget to breathe. 


Thank you Axel for sharing!