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Our Story

The history

Yogiraj was founded in Sweden 2009 by a Neurophysiologist at Lund University, who also happened to be a yoga teacher. Alarmed by how much toxin our bodies absorb from using products he started production and selling of toxin free yoga mats and props, this considered especially important in yoga having so much physical contact with mats and propsThe founder also visited the producing factories himself to ensure that there was no child labour, that working conditions were good and established long term partnerships.


The now

With the ambition to continue to provide yogis with toxin free products a new set of owners and management took over the business with the intention to develop the brand Yogiraj further, although based on the same principles and values as before. We will continue the commitment for the brand Yogiraj and a sustainable production of toxin free yoga products. 


The future

The brand Yogiraj will continue to provide both the experienced yogi, as well as the beginner, with high quality toxin free products. We will ensure that yoga studios will have the highest service to meet their needs and the commitment of our passionate employees. The new design and the new colour range is inspired by Nordic nature and show the road ahead to our true north. Noticing the yoga trend, that is establishing itself as a longterm yoga lifestyle more than a trend, we will provide the highest quality and inspiring products enabling this lifestyle. For us yoga and meditation is a natural and everyday part of our otherwise busy day-to-day life. 


The promise - our true north

We all experience uncertainty of what lies ahead and which paths to choose in the forests and oceans of life. Being grounded on this magical journey helps us find and follow our true north. Yogiraj is designed and inspired by nordic nature. Our true north is to give you products that are free from toxin and help you explore your path in life.


We care for nature. We care for you. 


The people

Today we are a tight crew working together, high and low, with an ambition and mission to create and develop our yoga brand. Based in Sweden, nevertheless international. We aim to serve all, taking international steps one by one.