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Yoga mats & props for yoga studios, yoga teachers, yoga shops & businesses.

We offer studio owners, yoga teachers, yoga related businesses and retail shops the possibility to buy organic and toxin free yoga mats and props with heavy discounts without minimum order requirements. Yogiraj is a desired and preferred brand among yogis, studios and hotels and gives your yoga business a quality stamp. We have been offering our products to hundreds and hundreds of businesses over the years. Buy with trust and make a longterm yoga investment .


PARTNER - Studios, yoga teachers, hotels, smaller shops

If you run a yoga related business or offer yoga in your hotel you are welcome to join our program as a partner. We have no minimum quotes! As a studio owner you might primarily be buying for use, but if you have a small shop you can also include buying to resell as a partner, withouth any volume quotes. 


Wholesale - Primarily buying for reselling in bigger shops

If you would like to sell our products over counter in your shop or online you are considered as wholesale buyer. When buying as a wholesale partner you are expected to buy a wide assortement frequently. If you have a smaller shop you can start buying as a partner instead with no minimum quantity. 



After we've reviewed your application we’ll send you price lists and terms, and you can get started right away!


As a partner and wholesale partner we offer you:

- Discounts without volume requirements

- Speedy deliveries

- Free deliveries within Sweden for order over 5 000 SEK

- Fast, professional yoga experienced customer service

- Individual possibilities to extended payment times by request

- Exclusive events, newsletters and social media exposure opportunities


If you have any specific product questions or want input about what products to choose for your business don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]


We look forward to co-operate with you. Together we continue to spread the yoga love and contribute to offer a healthy lifestyle for many people, while also caring for our planet and environment.