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Yogiraj Mala necklace and bracelet are hand knitted of natural pearls. 

What is a mala? 

A mala is a traditional and sacred tool used in meditation and yoga practices. Malas are commonly used for counting and focusing during mantra meditation, a form of meditation that involves repeating a specific mantra (a sacred word or phrase) a certain number of times. They can also be worn as a piece of spiritual jewelry.

 Key components of a mala necklace

Beads: The most prominent feature of a mala is its string of beads, typically consisting of 108 beads. The 109th bead, known as the "guru bead" or "meru bead," is often larger than the rest and provides a starting and ending point for counting.

Guru Bead: The guru bead symbolizes the relationship between the student and the teacher, as well as the divine or ultimate truth. When using the mala for meditation, you don't cross over the guru bead. Instead, you turn around and start counting again in the opposite direction.

Tassel: The tassel, usually attached to the guru bead, represents the connection to the divine and is a symbol of enlightenment.

Knots: Knots are often tied between each bead to keep them evenly spaced and to enhance the overall durability of the mala.

How to use a mala in meditation

In meditation or mantra recitation, the practitioner holds the mala in their hand, with the first bead (next to the guru bead) between their thumb and the second finger. With each repetition of the mantra, they move to the next bead by using their thumb to pull the bead toward them while reciting the mantra. This process is repeated until the practitioner reaches the guru bead.

The use of a mala can help focus the mind and maintain a sense of presence during meditation. It can also serve as a reminder of one's spiritual practice, intentions, or affirmations. Additionally, the mala can be seen as a sacred and meaningful accessory, worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist when not in use for meditation. Different materials used for the beads, such as gemstones or woods, are believed to have varying spiritual and healing properties that can enhance one's meditation and well-being.