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From the fashion scene to yoga interior design

Designer Ann Ringstrand, founder of fashion brand
HOPE launches a new collection of yoga tools for Swedishbrand Yogiraj

Ann Ringstrand creates design and concepts that reflect the time we live in. “My path has travelled through the field of fashion toward lifestyle design that touches our senses and supports yoga and meditation”, says Ann.

She started searching for tools to support her need to practice yoga and meditation in her home.

“But I was missing products that were carrying both native wisdoms, from the world of spirituality and design for my urban life that matched my aesthetic style, says Ann.

“When Yogiraj, a Swedish yoga supplier brand, contacted me for a collaboration I felt that the match was perfect as both our brands come for a place where we merge Swedish design with the world of yoga and meditation”, Ann continues.

The collection, named Tree of Life has resulted in 4 yoga products offered in 3 different textile designs by Ringstrand. Different sizes of cushions and a yoga mat bag, that perfectly match into our home as well as modern yoga studios. 

The background, is that more and more people are curious about the health aspect of yoga, but feel resistant towards the spiritual style and shape that it is usually presented in.

“I always want to use my sofa cushions for my meditation, but they end up not having the right function. Instead I buy the yoga tools offered on the market and hide them behind the living room door”, Ann says.

The reason Yogiraj is looking for design development within our assortment and offer to our customers is that more and more yoga studios are now looking for products that are modern and stylish in a Scandinavian way. Studios are moving towards a minimalistic design, more personal to the studio environment rather than a yoga traditional Asian or Indian inspired environment. 

The inspiration for the collection has been the world of sacred geometry. Something that Ann has been working on since her NYC studio period 2014-2017. The collection is named after the Tree of Life symbol, commonly representing the connection of everything. It symbolizes togetherness, serves as a reminder that you are never alone and that you are connected to the world. Its branches reach to the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon. Also, the moon phases have been illustrated in the sign of The Circle of Life embroided on top of the Meditation Cushion.

The textile fabrics are created from a functional point of view as well as an aesthetic construction of the weaving. “I wanted to design fabrics that are basic and easy to use yet with a subtle creative structure. The production of these textiles is located in a village xxx outside Mumbai in India. The textiles are guarantee toxic free, GOTS and OEKO TEX certified and according to Global Organic Textile Standard.

Beige Melange has a 70% cotton and 30% linen composition where we use two close colors variation of the yarn to create a fine melange effect.

Black Melange fabric has a complex construction where the weft yarn is uneven and therefore creates a random light stripe effect in the fabric. The composition of this fabric is 100% cotton.

Black and Offwhite Patterns are two sides of the same double jacquard weaving fabric. It is 100% cotton yarn and the design is repeated carefully to create a subtle dot and circular effect within the pattern.







In 2014, after 25 years as a designer and founder of the Swedish fashion brand HOPE, Ann Ringstrand began to transition away from the daily demands of running a company to leading a more dimensional life—a life that has shaped her newest venture. According to Ringstrand, while her company was growing and being rewarded, she was living her life in the fast lane with a focus on the future and was searching for, “...a feeling of being more present" in her own life. She re-designed her days around a vigilant meditation and yoga practice, more quality time with her family. During this rich time, Ringstrand realized that she wanted to continue designing products for our everyday life. But instead of supplying fashion, she re-directed her designs towards products for our senses and tools to support practicing yoga and meditation.

“My intention is the same, both as a designer and yoga teacher is to support our everyday life and make it pleasant and aesthetic”, says Ann.

The designer Ann Ringstrand, born in Sweden 1965, has created fashion since early 1990. In 2001, after her design education at Copenhagen Academy of Pattern Making and The School of Fashion and Textile, she founded the Swedish fashion brand HOPE. Ringstrand has been awarded in Scandinavia with Newcomer of the Year, Designer of the Year, The Golden button and nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year. Her collections have been shown at Paris Fashion Week and she has opened more than 10 brand stores in northern part of Europe. In 2015 Ringstrand left the daily operations of her fashion company to start a creative studio in NYC. This was a studio for inspiration, creativity and a place for Ann to develop new ideas. Ringstrand worked on graphic screen printing art as well as experimenting with scents, ceramics and gemstones. As a result of the work in the Lower East Side studio and in combination with the designer ́s interest in yoga and meditation Ringstrand decided to deepen her education of perfumes in California as well as sourcing for energetic gemstones in Brazil.

In 2017 Ann Ringstrand started to create a new brand with designs for our senses. She teamed up with perfumers in Paris to design her own niche perfume line made in France. She also connected with a jewelry artisan in the mountain area of Belo Horizonte in Brazil to make her gemstone designs. The concept developed into a fragrance series with ceramic ware for scent diffusing, a gemstone jewelry collection and a small line of studio wear for mindful moments of yoga and meditations.

In 2018 Ringstrand decided to deepen her education of yoga and fulfilled the 200H RYS certificated Yoga Teacher Training. She also completed a Mindfulness, MBSR training.

In 2019 Ann is teaching Hatha Flow classes at Atmajyoti Yoga, in Stockholm.
She is teaching a yoga that works for her own life as designer, entrepreneur and mother. Her focus lies within balance and focus to give energy and inspiration as well as create more ease in our life.

“Yoga for me is about taking responsibility for my health, personal development as well as the world that I leave for future generations”, says Ann Ringstrand.