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Yoga teacher: Yohanna Mannelqvist 

Yohanna, tell us a little about yourself!

I recently moved back to Sweden after living 10 years abroad. I spent the majority of my 20s in London, pursuing my fashion business career before I embarked on a new path in life. I’ve lived nomadically out of my suitcase for a few years, based in Mexico but with constant travels around the world. I now live in Stockholm and work as a Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach, specialising in guiding ambitious women to more balanced and thriving lives.

Where does your heart lie within yoga and what is your yoga philosophy?

My intention is to make ancient yogic teachings relevant to a modern yogi’s everyday life. I share yoga as a way of life and discuss yogic philosophy as a roadmap to overcome the many challenges we face in today's society. We often look outside of ourselves for fulfilment but yoga teaches us that we already possess everything inside in order to feel complete, which is a message that I bring forth in my teachings. I truly believe that yoga has the power to better the relationship to ourselves which allows us to show up as more conscious and compassionate beings for the world around us. You are a specialized coach within burnout, which is a problem many people can relate to.

What is your best tips to avoid burnout?

I see burnout as a sign to show that we are off track and not living in alignment with ourselves I believe that the only way to “avoid” burnout is to honor ourselves on all planes - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A daily wellness practice is key to taking care of ourselves and my most powerful tools are yoga, meditation, breathwork and journaling.

How can yoga be incorporated into this?

Our yoga practice holds a space for us to check in without ourselves on a daily basis. Through increased
awareness, we can make informed decisions and provide what we need in order to stay healthy and balanced. Yoga also provides tools that support our overall well being such as regulating the nervous system through breathing and calm anxious thoughts through meditation.

You are also specialized on eating disorders, another familiar topic for many people. What are your best tips to enjoy food but still live healthy?

I believe that eating disorders are a cry for help and an expression of deeply rooted pain and fear. I often see that eating disorders emerge as regulating our food intake and manipulating our bodies gives us a false sense of control. We need to go to the root cause of our eating disorders in order to have a joyful and truly healthy approach to food. Once that is cleared, I believe in intuitive eating without any restrictions - trusting your body and allowing yourself to eat everything in moderation.

You arrange quite a few events on a yearly basis. What is the bliss with events? 

I love hosting retreats as it gives us the chance to go deeper into different practices and create transformation over the course of a few days. It can be very valuable to leave your everyday life to get some perspective and time for reflection. Coming together as a group is very powerful and I enjoy working with women from all walks of life. 

Your five "best in life"? 

1. Cuddling with my Tolling Retriever puppy Nova in the morning
2. Drinking a foamy oat milk cappuccino at my favourite cafe
3. Laughing with a friend until our bellies hurt
4. Dancing barefoot to live music on a beach
5. Seeing someone I love happy and healthy

Motto or wise words to live by?

I feel really inspired by the rods of Rumi’s and one quote I always will remember is: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”. That has been my own journey - to remember my own essence which is one of love and divinity.

Thank you so much Yohanna! If you want to reach out to Yohanna you will find her here: